Global Gate System - Connecting Trade Worlds

Global Gate System - Connecting Trade Worlds

Beginning January 2019, the Israel Customs Authority implemented “World Gate,” a next generation computerized foreign trade system that is both cloud-based and paperless, and designed to:

  • Improve and accelerate the customs process  
  • Promote better synchronization and visibility within the supply chain
  • Allow transfer of paperwork to Customs Authority as scanned and digitally signed media (original paperwork will not be sent except for specific Customs Authority request)

>> "Global Gate" - a letter to the importing community <<


Important Considerations

  • Liability and duties are now imposed on importers
  • Communication between customs and customs agents will be computerized only
  • As of November 01, 2018, it will no longer be possible to perform customs duties other than through the new system
  • It is the responsibility of the importer to maintain the original paperwork (digitally signed) for a period of 7 years from the date the import declaration was submitted


The Smart Card - Electronic Signature

The Smart Card is a personal hardware device containing an imbedded electronic chip used to verify the identity of an individual who has written an electronic document.  It is also used for submitting certificates and standards, reporting to VAT authorities, and e-authenticating digital signatures.  There are currently two companies authorized by the Ministry of Justice to issue Smart Cards:


Power of Attorney (to Customs Agent)

In accordance with Customs Ordinance 169, each importer is required by law to provide their Customs Agent with a digital power of attorney. 


Importer Declaration

This form is used to describe the commercial relations of the importer with its suppliers abroad.  The importer submits the annual form to the Customs Authority in the computerized system and ensures that it is renewed annually. 



Digital Signature

The importer must maintain the original paperwork in a digital archive for a minimum of 7 years, according to income tax regulations


Obtaining General Card with Ministry of Economy

In accordance with the new system, the Import Administration now requires each importer to register on the Ministry of Economy website.  We will be happy to provide you with a tracking service for all approvals and regulations.  Please specify AllCargo as your representative and provide the required information when submitting the online form (sample link below).


*Please Note – When submitting an online form to the Ministry of Economics, you can verify if everything was sent correctly by phone 02-6662797 or email:


Please feel free to contact us with any questions; we are here to help you understand the new process and provide assistance with planning for a smooth transition. 


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