Mobile app

Mobile app

AllCargo is constantly improving processes. As part of this, we offer a mobile application for Unifreight Mobile tracking, which is free of charge
31.01.18 / 10:59
Mobile app
Mobile app

Unifreight Mobile is a mobile tracking application designed to operate on smartphones (iPhone and Android). It aims to provide you with current information about real-time shipments and follow-up at any time and anywhere.

With various queries, the app provides an up-to-date snapshot of all incoming shipments by import / export and by check-out / arrival times. You have the option to select pre-built queries for shipments such as query for import shipments, export shipments, shipments expected to arrive today etc 
You can choose shipments to track and receive alerts for specific shipments by definition. You can set to receive alerts for all shipments or only shipments marked for tracking / You can set to be alerted to each status update or only to update status exceptions. In addition to the application, you can contact our personnel handling your shipment.
Accordingly, please update the email to which you would like to send your invitation to join
With a user name and password attached to the app, download the app to your device and start viewing your shipments.
You can download the application faster and more efficiently through your mobile device by clicking on the appropriate link to your device and already enjoy the service of the application.
For iPhone users click the link below:

For Android users click the link below:

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